Services Offered

Individual Therapy

I provide emotionally-focused therapy characterized by empathic understanding and unconditional acceptance. I believe that everyone is an expert in their own experience and when armed with the tools they can choose to respond in a healthy manner by building resiliency.  

I employ an integrative and systematic approach to assessment and treatment planning in helping clients to realize their goals and live a more authentic life. 

By working collaboratively, I can help you to navigate any struggles you are experiencing, such as a difficult life transition due to loss of job, death, infertility or divorce.

Using various treatment modalities, I can help you to heal from trauma and develop coping strategies to manage mental health challenges, such as anxiety or depression.

Evidence-based Individual therapy can increase self-awareness, resiliency and overall happiness. 

Couples Therapy

Even the best relationships experience turbulence. I offer couples therapy to help build a more secure bond and strengthen your relationship, to reconnect with your partner to reignite that initial spark. Using a pragmatic approach I can work with you to improve communication and resolve conflict. 

I am a sex positive therapist who enjoys working with couples with diverse orientations and identities. 

Additionally, I can help you rebuild and recover following infidelity. 

Family Therapy

Having worked as a Clinical Investigator with the Office of the Children's Lawyer for fifteen years. I have specialized knowledge in providing family therapy that includes legal expertise. I offer private Voice of the Child reports and Custody and Access assessments that can be used in court proceedings. 

Additional family therapy services include:

  • Pre and post separation counselling

  • Counselling for blended families

  • Post separation and divorce counselling

  • Parent reunification counselling

  • Adoption counselling, both prior to and/or following adoption; and,

  • Specialized services tailored for children and youth (ages 7 and up), which includes play therapy and practical skills-based counselling.


*Sessions are mostly virtual due to Covid restrictions, however may be scheduled in person in special circumstances

1355 Wellington Street West, Suite 206, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3C2


Sun: Closed, Mon-Fri: 8 am-9 pm, Sat: 10 am-6 pm

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